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Egg Substitute Using Gelatin
Recipe by Maggie Severns

1 egg = 1 tsp gelatin, 3 Tbs cold water and 7 tsp boiling water
2 eggs= 2 tsp gelatin, 1/3 C. cold water and 1/2 C boiling Water
3 eggs= 1 Tbs gelatin, 1/2 C. cold water and 1/2 C Boiling water

Before Baking:
1. Place, cold water in bowl
2. Sprinkle gelatin to soften. Mix thoroughly with spoon.
3. Add boiling water until desolved.
4. Place in freezer to thicken while mixing cake or cookies or refrigerate
    (refrigeration takes a little longer)
5. When time to add eggs, take thickened gelatin from freezer or refrigerator and beat until it's frothy.. <---------- THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT!!

6. Add to recipe instead of eggs.

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